Licensed and Insured

Asset Protection, Reputable with References, and Peace of Mind

Home Inspection

Gain peace of mind while you’re away with our thorough home inspection services! Everything from the exterior of your home to kitchen appliances,  A/C,  and yard maintenance are checked for working order and security!

Concierge Services

Take advantage of our concierge services while you’re away from your Southwest Florida home! Deliveries, shopping, trash pickup, vehicle care, hurricane preparation can be arranged with just a phone call away!

What does a Home Watch service do?

As a homeowner, you understand that there are any number of problems that can arise in a household. Pipes break, water heaters fail and there are times when ants, mice or other types of rodents try to move in. And while these types of problems are a nuisance, if you live in a home full-time, you’ll notice something is wrong as soon as things are amiss. If you’re away for an extended period of time…


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Gulf Shore Home Watch gives tips to prevent break-ins.

What Our Clients Say

  • Millions of people reside alone. In 2019, Statista found that nearly 36.5 million US residents were living in single-person households. In some cases, this is not surprising. Living alone has its benefits. For example, do you want to run the vacuum at 2am? No problem.......

  • At Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge, our clients are not just our clients. They are our friends- and it is not unusual for us to chat briefly about recent goings on in our lives.  One thing we have noticed, recently, is the growing number......

  • In our last blog post, we talked about a client who had been contacted by a scammer. Her story involved a “call from the Social Security Administration,” claiming her “social security number had been canceled on suspicion of fraudulent activity.”...