Yes, You Need Home Watch

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Yes, You Need Home Watch

In Southwest Florida, you encounter snowbirds, locals, and vacationers. If you’re a snowbird or a local, you’re bound to head out of town for the summer. Because of this, your home could be left untended. There is a good solution to this. The answer lies in home watch.

You left for vacation and your doors and windows were left unlocked. A home watch company can come and make sure your doors and windows are secured when they stop by for your regular check-ups.

Your alarm system was activated. Alarm systems go off for a variety of reasons, even if there hasn’t been a break-in. Your home watch company can come by as quickly as possible to disable the alarm and make sure your home is completely secured.

Your air conditioning has stopped working. Air conditioning in Florida is a must-have. When your home watch company comes by to check your home and discovers the AC isn’t working, they can call an HVAC company and get it fixed as quickly as possible. You won’t have to worry about anything while you’re not home.

The hot water heater at your home has started leaking. Water damage is devastating. As soon as the home watch company discovers the leak, they can isolate it and call someone to repair it before you come home.

Rodents and bugs have invaded your home. Rodents and bugs can wreak havoc on your home, especially if you’re not home to catch them right away. Your home watch company can catch them early enough to call an exterminator and have them gone before you ever knew they were there.

One of your appliances was left on. Perhaps it was your TV, or even your oven. Either way, you don’t want the electricity running and you don’t want to leave your house vulnerable. Home watch services can make sure your home is protected.

The power has gone out. Major power outages happen regularly, particularly throughout the summer. If the power goes out, your home watch company can switch the breakers and make sure everything is still working and nothing was affected by a lightning strike. If it was, then they can call someone to have it repaired.

A major storm is headed to Southwest Florida. If you’re not home and a major storm is headed your way, home watch services can follow your instructions to properly prep and protect your home. This includes boarding the windows, emptying the fridge, and making sure damages are accounted for after the storm passes.