Why You Still Need a Home Watch Service if You Live in a Gated Community

Why You Still Need a Home Watch Service if You Live in a Gated Community

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When most people think of a home watch company, they assume it’s a service that provides an extra layer of protection against would-be wrongdoers. And while in some respects, this is certainly true, the services that are provided are far more comprehensive.

Several months ago, we were asked if homes in gated communities should consider hiring a home watch company. When we responded with a resounding “yes,” the person we were speaking with seemed a bit surprised.

Her community had 24-hour security, she noted, adding that patrols are performed regularly. With gates and security in place, what could a home watch service provide that wasn’t already being handled?

We do more than clean junk mail from your porch

No one is trying to downplay the role of security personnel, but if you’re going to be out of town for weeks or months on end, you’ll want to make sure that all aspects of your home are being looked after.

Security guards are always on the lookout for suspicious persons, suspicious vehicles and signs of smoke. And while they do a great job in terms of keeping an eye on the outside of your home, they don’t perform full, detailed inspections.

Where home watch comes in

When you hire a home watch service, the person you’re working with will:

  • Routinely make sure all doors, windows and entryways are locked
  • Check all kitchen appliances to ensure everything is working
  • Check for signs of leaks / water damage
  • Inspect your home for signs of rodents / insects
  • Remove flyers, junk mail, phone books and other types of unwanted materials from your porch and lawn
  • Start cars
  • Flush toilets and run faucets to remove stagnant water from the lines
  • Be on site to receive major deliveries
  • Schedule / coordinate with repairmen and home maintenance workers
  • Be on site to meet with subcontractors, such as AC repairmen and/or residential roofers
  • Perform hurricane preparation
  • Perform light grocery shopping in advance of your return


In closing


Having in-neighborhood security personnel can help prevent your home from being broken into, but it won’t prevent things from going wrong inside of your household. Central AC units break, hot water heaters leak and, in some cases, critters who should be living outside of your home may decide to move indoors.

Hiring a home watch service will not only give you additional peace of mind, it will help ensure that when you return to your home, it will be in the same condition as it was when you left.