Why Hire a Home Watch Service When I Have Gated Security?

Why Hire a Home Watch Service When I Have Gated Security?

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Many homeowners have properties in gated communities. The security provided by your community ranges from just having an occupied gate at the entrance to that plus regular security patrols.

So, if you live in a gated community, why do you need a home watch service? Isn’t that service redundant or no longer necessary?

That’s a very valid question and one we’ve answered from our clients.

Here’s why you want to hire a home watch service even if your neighborhood provides security.

What Neighborhood Security Usually Means

Many communities have some kind of security presence, such as an occupied gate and a patrol. This typically involves a staff member – who may or may not be a security officer – who goes on regular patrols around the neighborhood in a car or cart.

During this patrol, the member is looking for anything unusual, like smoke, damage, suspicious people lurking around the neighborhood, alarms, and the like. If they see anything, they’ll alert the person you’ve designated as your emergency contact. Then they’re done.

Patrols are great for doing a once-over on the exterior of the home, and they do deter burglaries (although they don’t eliminate them entirely; burglars actually think these types of patrols lure homeowners into a false sense of security).

But they’re not enough, and here’s why.

What a Home Watch Service Does

A home watch service performs valuable services that a neighborhood watch or patrol doesn’t.

For starters, we take a much closer look at your home and spend a lot more than just a minute or two observing your home from the curb. We inspect your home and look for troubling signs that patrols usually miss, such as water leaks, signs of mold, faulty irrigation systems, signs of pests and rodents, and others.

Plus, we do something they usually don’t: go inside your home. We need to do that to check electrical, HVAC, and plumbing to make sure everything is working. We’re looking for water leaks. We’re checking humidity levels. We’re looking for pests. By the time these issues are visible on the exterior, from the street, it’s typically too late to avoid significant damage.

So, even if you have neighborhood security, you’ll need a home watch service to really take care of your home when you’re away. Talk to us to learn more about how to get started.