Where to Place Security Cameras

Where to Place Security Cameras


Buying the most technologically advanced security system is one important step in protecting your home, but if you do not place the security cameras in the most strategic locations, they could prove to be completely ineffective. Whether your home is already equipped with home security cameras or you are just contemplating purchasing home security cameras and having them installed, here are some tips as to the best places to have them installed within the home:

A security camera, which is aimed at the front door and possibly installed right above the front door, is one of the best places to have a security camera installed. Many burglars look to damage, remove and/or destroy doors to enter a home, making a camera pointed at the front door a prime location. Front door cameras, especially those with motion-detectors and a live video feed, can also alert to children arriving home from school, packages being delivered and workers around the home going in and out. A live video feed and alerts can be accessed directly from a smart phone.

Installing a camera over exterior entries other than the front door are also the best option, as burglars tend to also favor back doors, basement doors, and doors that lead from a garage or carport into the home.

Other places to best place a security camera include a baby’s room (with motion detector and night vision), in a home office as burglars aim to steal computers and important personal documents that are commonly stored in a home office, and aimed toward the backyard where many homeowners keep lawn equipment, bikes, and other items that thieves can pawn for cash.