What Water Damage Can Do to Your Home

What Water Damage Can Do to Your Home

Right now, thousands in Louisiana are experiencing catastrophic flooding that is not only threatening lives, but ruining property and possessions and causing millions of dollars’ worth of damages.

We’re fortunate that flooding isn’t happening here in Southwest Florida. But, while our hearts go out to those in danger, it’s important for us to use this disaster to understand the power water has to destroy homes.

You don’t have to experience once-in-a-century flooding to see, firsthand, how water infiltration can ruin a home. All that needs to happen is a leak that goes unchecked and unrepaired for just a short amount of time.

Here’s what can happen and how you can mitigate risk.

How Much Does Water Damage Cost?

Everyone understands what water damage can do. It can ruin flooring, wreck belongings like clothing and possessions, kill electronics, warp furniture, stain walls and ceilings, and even cause mold and mildew if left undetected for days and weeks on end – which is frequently the case with owners who have vacation properties.

But not everyone understands how much it costs to repair. The cost depends on the severity of the damage. According to HomeAdvisor.com, the national average is $2,154 per repair project, with a typical range between $1,041 and $3,488 per repair. The highest most homeowners pad was $5,697 per repair.

However, the more expensive the home, the higher these costs will be. And if there is a serious amount of damage that has been going on for some time – like with a vacation home or a home where the owners have been away for a month or more – then the cost could rise to five figures.

Preventing Water Damage

It’s easier to prevent water damage if you’re in your own home and know what to look for. But it’s a lot harder when you’re away. Homes require pretty regular supervision because water leaks can happen at any time, and a storm can come through and cause massive water infiltration without any warning.

That’s where a home watch service in Fort Myers comes in handy. If you have someone watching your home, you can rest assured that your chances of catching water damage early and nipping it in the bud is higher than it would be if you left your home up to chance – something no homeowner wants.

Mitigate the chance of water damage by having a professional watch after your home when you’re away.