What to Look For in a Landscaping Contractor

What to Look For in a Landscaping Contractor

Want to professionally landscape your home? If so, you need to hire a landscaping contractor. But how do you choose from all the options?

There are tons of landscapers in Lee County that can help you. But they’re not all the same. Some are better than others – and only the best will do for your home. How will you find the right one?

As the owner of a home watch service in Fort Myers, I have plenty of experience hiring contractors on behalf of my clients. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years to find the right contractors for your yard.

Creativity, Imagination, and Style

If you have a luxury home, you only want the best yard. And that means having a yard that matches the luxurious look and feel of your house.

That means choosing a landscaper who has the creative vision and style to transform your yard into one that’s worthy of a magazine. Sure, you can hire someone to just mow the yard, weed the garden, and trim the shrubs, but if you want to really make your yard special, look for someone who has the golden touch.

Look for Specialized Service

If you have special needs – say, you have an impressive garden, or you have unique trees that need attention – you may need a landscaper who specializes in those areas. You may need someone who knows how to work a garden, or may need an arborist to handle your trees.

Ask the contractor if you have these needs before you hire them.

Bonded and Insured

Finally, make sure your contractor is bonded and insured. They’ll be moving things around on your property, and may even need to use heavy equipment on your premises. Checking their insurance is a good way to make sure you’re covered.

If you have taken advantage of a home watch service in Fort Myers, you can turn to us to hire the right contractors for you. We have a database of trusted providers and know the right people to call for the job.