What Is a Concierge Service in Fort Myers?

What Is a Concierge Service in Fort Myers?

What is one of your favorite things about staying in a luxury hotel?

If you said the concierge service, you’re not alone.

Everyone loves it when we have people do things for us, especially the simple, everyday tasks that can nevertheless add up stress and take up our valuable time. We like to be served, and we appreciate it when people help us.

That, in essence, is what a concierge service in Fort Myers is all about.

Taking Care of You

The concierge service I offer is very simple: I help you by taking care and stress off your shoulders by handling the day-to-day things, big or small, that get in your way and take away from the time you could spend doing things that are more worthwhile.

For example, with my concierge service, I:

  • Schedule appointments for home maintenance contractors to repair or install things in your home
  • Meet sub-contractors at your home
  • Secure gate energy access for when you have people come in for deliveries and home services
  • Accept delivery on appliances and furniture
  • Perform light grocery shopping (always helpful!)
  • Carry your garbage to and from your curb
  • Start your vehicle’s engine
  • Prepare your home for hurricanes

Concierge services are extremely helpful because they help you take the small but important tasks off your crowded to-do list and give you piece of mind.

A little less stress in this world goes a long way!

If you’re interested in a concierge service in Fort Myers, contact me and learn more about how I can be of service to you.