What Does a Home Watch Service Do?

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What Does a Home Watch Service Do?

Explaining What a Home Watch Service Does

Regardless as to whether you’re a local who lives here year-round or you’re a snowbird who only ventures in for the winter months, there are a number of benefits associated with hiring a home watch and concierge. For those of you who are new to the concept of home watch, we wanted to take some time to explain how our company works.

We’re your eyes and ears on the ground

Have you ever arrived at the airport, but had a nagging suspicion you left the iron on? Have you left for a vacation, but you can’t seem to remember whether you turned the AC off?  When you hire a home watch service, we’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground.

While you’re gone, we’ll come to your home to make sure your porch plants are watered, that junk mail is cleared from your porch (and stray newspapers are removed from the yard), and that your windows, doors and garage door are secure.

We’ll make sure your lights (and light timers) are in working order, and we’ll run your faucets (and flush your toilets) to eliminate stagnant water. Our company will also make sure that your landscaping / pool maintenance agreements are fulfilled in your absence.

Since we’ll be checking on your home, we’ll be able to alert you if we see any problems. For example, if it looks as if your hot water heater has sprung a leak, we’ll contact you immediately. Hiring a home watch service means knowing that problems like this will be caught right away. No one wants to come home after several months only to find your laundry room flooded more than 6 weeks ago.

Other things we can help with

Are you planning on having new furniture delivered? Did you schedule an appointment to have a new HVAC or central air conditioning unit installed? When you hire our company, we can arrange to meet with sub-contractors at your home. We’ll help with hurricane prep (if needed), start your vehicle engines, and perform some light grocery shopping in advance of your return.

We can also make sure the thermostat is set just right, so your home will be the perfect temperature when you walk through the door.

In closing

There are a myriad of benefits associated with hiring a home watch and concierge service, the most important of which is knowing your home will be cared for when you’re not here to look after it yourself. For more information on our company and the types of services we provide, call us today to get started.