What Does a Home Watch Company Do?

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What Does a Home Watch Company Do?

If you own a vacation property in Southwest Florida, you understand the importance of maintaining that asset.

At the same time, it can be hard to keep an eye on that home when you’re hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

This is where a home watch company comes in.

What is home watch?

To put it simply, a home watch company (which can also be referred to as home concierge, absentee home service, house watch and/or property watch) is a company that will perform inspections of vacant properties when the owner lives elsewhere or is on an extended vacation.

During the inspection, the company will look for obvious issues with electrical components, the plumbing, the pool (if the homeowner has one) and/or the central AC system.

They’ll also look for signs that the roof (or pipes) may be leaking, various pests and insects, mold and mildew.

If there is a problem, the home watch professional will notify the homeowner immediately. In some cases, the home watch service will be able to recommend trusted contractors that can help resolve the problems. Or, if the homeowner prefers to be directly involved in the selection of the repairman, that’s an option, too.

Do I need home watch?

If you own a home in Southwest Florida and you don’t live close enough to keep an eye on it yourself, the better question is how could you not?

There are any number of things that could happen to your home in your absence. If junk mail is allowed to pile up outside the front door, this will alert would-be burglars that the house is vacant.

If a hurricane is on its way and you don’t have ability to drop everything to head to SWFL to board up your house, your home could endure thousands of dollars in damage.

In addition to making sure you don’t have any issues with your roof, electrical systems and/or plumbing, a home watch professional can help clear junk mail in addition to getting your home ready for a storm.

They can help schedule regular maintenance

Most heating and cooling experts recommend that this type of equipment should be serviced twice a year to ensure its longevity; it’s also recommended that your ductwork is professionally cleaned on an annual basis.

This can be hard to handle from afar.

If you haven’t been at the home in a year and you turn the AC on for the first time, a home watch service can help ensure your ducts are clean and your system is running properly in advance of your arrival.

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