Ways to Protect Your Home During Your Summer Vacation

Ways to Protect Your Home During Your Summer Vacation

Gulf Shore Home Watch & ConciergeEveryone who lives in SWFL understands the summer months can be hot, warm and muggy. If you’re planning on vacationing elsewhere in the next few months (who could blame you), you’ll want to make sure your home is protected in your absence.

Check to make sure doors, windows and entryways are secured

If you’re scrambling to get to the airport, you may forget to double check the locks on your doors and windows—but this is something you’ll want to be sure to cross off your pre-vacation list.

Why? Because burglars are opportunists.

If you accidentally leave doors or windows open, or you forget to lock an exterior door that leads into your garage, you run the risk of being targeted. One homeowner we spoke with a few years ago indicated her garage was burglarized while she was home. In this case, a back-facing door was left unlocked, and the thieves were happy to let themselves in.

Make sure your property doesn’t have hiding spots

If you have large, overgrown hedges near windows or doorways, you may want to consider having those trimmed back. Yes, the greenery may look nice, but it also serves as a hiding place for would-be wrongdoers.

Another way to combat dark, poorly lit hiding spots is to install motion lights. Home security experts recommend installing motion lighting on the front, sides and exterior of your home.

Consider timers for interior lights

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home isn’t targeted by burglars, is to make it appear as if it’s being lived in. This can be accomplished by making sure a car is parked in the driveway, that your interior lights are placed on timers, and by ensuring that junk mail, phone books and other types of clutter are removed from the porch.

If you have a neighbor who can help clear the restaurant flyers from your front steps, ask if they can help with that while you’re gone.

Hire a home watch service

Going out of town for a night or two is much different than leaving for several weeks. If you’re planning on taking an extended vacation this summer, call Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge today to learn more about how you can benefit from hiring a licensed, home watch professional to look after your house.

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