Want to Sell Your Home? Try This Neat Tool

Want to Sell Your Home? Try This Neat Tool

As the owner of a home watch service in Fort Myers, it’s always a bittersweet day when my clients sell their homes. I’m happy for them, of course, but also sad that there’s a chance I won’t be able to continue working for great people. (Fortunately, many of them remain in Fort Myers, so I still get to maintain a fantastic relationship).

If you are considering selling your home, there’s a new, handy technology that can make your listing more attractive to homebuyers than any other listing on the block.

It’s a 3D scanning technology that basically creates a virtual walkthrough tour of any space. The tour is filmed by a special camera that captures an interior in three dimensions, providing a variety of views – from flat to “dollhouse” – and even allowing buyers to measure walls within the home.

Until last summer, this technology wasn’t really found in Fort Myers or Southwest Florida at all. That is, until a real estate agent and his partner teamed up to bring the service to our area. Their company, 3D Interspace Solutions, is based in Fort Myers and helps homeowners create visual 3D tours of their properties.

These tours are different from the typical virtual tour that is out there, which really resembles a movie. With this technology, the user can actually control where they go in the home. Plus, the 3D scans don’t distort walls like some cameras do.

Plus, as I mentioned, you can actually use the video to measure walls – perfect for figuring out if your California King will fit in the master bedroom!

This is particularly effective for out-of-town buyers. If you have a vacation property that you’re marketing to others in your home city, for example, they don’t have to travel to Fort Myers to check out the property. They can just view it online. The company says it even sold a $450,000 home to a buyer from Canada who never physically visited it.

Suffice to say, a 3D tour is a lot cooler than what you’ll find on most listings. If you’re serious about selling your home, you should check these people out and see if it works for you.