Tips to prevent your home from being targeted for break-ins

Tips to prevent your home from being targeted for break-ins

Tips to prevent your home from being targeted for break-ins

No one wants to come home from a work or vacation to find out their home has been burglarized. If you or someone you know has been a victim of this type of crime in the past, you can understand how distressing it can be. The good news is that there are steps you can take that will help minimize your home from being targeted.

Assess your property

If a thief has the chance to break into a home where there are lots of outdoor hiding spaces (ie: bushes, shrubs, etc.) as opposed to a home that doesn’t have a lot of cover, they’re going to pick the home that has places to hide. Be sure to keep the shrubbery around your windows, doors and walkways trimmed.

Do a property survey to see if you have any vulnerabilities

Do you have windows that appear as if they could be pried open easily? If you’re standing outside looking in, do you have a clean line of sight to expensive artwork or electronics? If you come across these types of vulnerabilities, it’s best you correct them before a thief takes advantage of them.

Consider a fence

An open, chain-link fence can be a great way to help keep unwanted people off your property. Remember, the best fence is one that you can see through. If you put up a tall, wooden fence, this will give would-be wrongdoers a place to hide from your neighbors, out of sight, while they’re committing a burglary.

Store things like bikes and barbecues in the garage

Remember, it’s a lot easier to run off with something that’s stashed behind your house than it is to run off with something that’s locked inside a garage. The key is to remember to lock the windows and doors to your garage, as well. A homeowner who stores things in their garage, but neglects to lock the entryways, can be an easy target.

Install motion sensor lighting

If a potential intruder is caught off guard by a flood light when they’re attempting to gain access to your home, they’re bound to go running. Motion sensor lighting can be a great deterrent when it’s installed around entryways and dark corners of your home.

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