Tips to Maintain an Idle Car

Tips to Maintain an Idle Car

If you’re among the thousands of part-time South Floridians who keep a spare car in the Sunshine State, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is maintained. Although keeping it parked in the garage is good, if your idled car isn’t cared for, you could run into problems. For this blog, we wanted to highlight several tips for maintaining an idled vehicle.

Check the fluids before you park it

If you don’t plan on driving your car for several months, be sure to check your vehicle’s fluids, including the power steering fluid, oil, and brake fluid, before you park it. You might also want to check the tire pressure before you leave town.

Start the car at least once a week

Most experts agree that idled cars should be started at least once a week. Why? Because if your car battery sits for too long without being used, the battery can die. The car should also be driven for about 5 minutes every time it’s started. This will help get your car’s components moving.

For example, when a vehicle sits for too long, the brake rotors can start to rust. Your car’s oil can also start to deteriorate. Lastly, tires that sit in the same spot for months on end, run the risk of developing flat or bald spots. Making sure that your car is started (and driven) once a week can help prevent these problems.

Consider a fuel stabilizer

Before you leave town, consider adding some fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, as this can help keep your gas from going bad. Fuel stabilizer can be purchased online, at an auto parts store, and at most big box retailers. (Tip- make sure the fuel stabilizer you purchase works with your car’s motor. Some only work for diesel engines, whereas others only work with gas-powered engines.)

Partner with a home watch service

The best way to protect your car while you’re not in town, is to partner with a local home watch service. When you work with Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge, you can rest assured that both your home and your vehicles are taken care of. For more information on our company, our rates, or to learn more about how home watch works, call our office today to get started. References are available upon request.  Call us now to speak with an expert.