Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During a Hurricane

Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During a Hurricane

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Hurricane season may not be here yet, but it’s just around the corner. All SWFL families understand the importance of having a hurricane preparedness plan, but not all homeowners remember to plot an emergency plan for their pets.

If your household has one or more fur babies, coming up with a pre-set course of action is a must.

Make a kit

Much like you may have an emergency kit for kids’ clothes and medications, you’ll want to have one for your pets. The kit should include things like food, bowls, medicine, plastic bags, a litter box, puppy pads, leashes and other important supplies. Some experts recommend having 7-days’ worth of food on hand, just in case. When your kit is complete, you’ll want to store it somewhere that’s accessible. This will ensure you have easy access to it in the event you need to take off in a hurry.

Stick to your plan

Although some people prefer to evacuate at the last possible minute, this can be a bit harder to do when you have pets. If your hurricane plan involves leaving early, stick to that plan. This will give you ample time to get your human family and your furry family time to get to safety.

Secure your pet if you’re planning to stay

If you decide to ride the storm out at home, you’ll want to secure your pets. Keep tabs on where your cats and dogs are hiding (they’re likely to be scared.) If things change and you find that you need to leave in a hurry, you won’t need to spend extra time tracking your pet down.

Find pet-friendly hotels in advance

If you need to evacuate, you may need to spend one or more nights at a hotel. Finding a hotel that accepts pets, at the final hour, can make an already stressful situation feel that much worse. As such, a little forethought can go a long way. Take some time to call hotels that are on or close to your evacuation route. This will help you know which facilities are pet friendly and which ones are not.

Try to remain calm

Pets are emotional antennas. If you’re stressed, they’ll sense that. If you’re afraid, they’ll sense that too. Regardless as to whether you’re staying or leaving, do your best to remain calm. If you’re able to remain level headed, you’ll be less likely to have a stressed-out pet.