Tips for Cleaning Your Home Before the Holidays

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Before the Holidays

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Before the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving and the year-end holiday season are practically upon us—and if you have relatives that live in the Northeast (or in other parts of the country that tend to get hammered by cold weather and snow), it’s likely you’ll be  hosting one or more year-end celebrations at your home.

It also means you’ll need to schedule time to prepare your home before your houseguests start to arrive.

home watch serviceStart to declutter now

Thanksgiving may still be a few weeks out, but if you start to declutter now, this can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed later. Start by tossing out old stacks of newspapers, magazines and other items that you no longer have use for. This includes going through your Tupperware cabinet and tossing containers and lids that don’t have a match.

Go through your closets and drawers

It’s amazing how many unused things get shoved in closets and drawers. Go through each room and determine which clothing you want to keep and what you no longer use.  November is a great time of year to donate unused clothing, shoes and toys to Goodwill, AMVETS or the Salvation Army. Starting now will also help create space for your houseguests to store their items when they arrive.

Clean out your refrigerator

Thanksgiving is a major food-storage holiday, which means you’ll want to clean out your refrigerator long in advance. Be sure to check the expiry dates on all of your condiments, toss food that is past its expiration date and add new boxes of baking soda to your both your refrigerator and your freezer.

Launder your guest room

If your guest room hasn’t been used in some time, be sure to launder the sheets, pillowcases and throw blankets to ready the space for houseguests. If the curtains in that room haven’t been washed in you-can’t-remember-how-long, you may what to consider cleaning them, too, to rid the fabric from dust. The same holds true for guest towels in your spare bathroom.

Are you out of town? Consider hiring a home watch & concierge

Lastly, if you need to ready your SWFL home for the holidays but you’re not close enough to do it yourself, call Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge today. Not only can we be at your home to receive professional cleaners in advance of your arrival, we can help ensure your home will be ready to receive friends, family and four-legged houseguests. For more information, call Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge today to get started.