Things you can do to keep your home safe while traveling

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Things you can do to keep your home safe while traveling

Things you can do to keep your home safe while traveling

Traveling can be both wonderful and stressful at the same time, especially if the local news outlets have been reporting that burglars have been targeting local homes.

Security cameras and floodlights are great, but they don’t always work 100 percent of the time. Below are some of our favorite pro-tips to keep your home save while you’re away.

Put timers on your lights and leave a car in the driveway

A burglar is far less likely to target a home that they think is occupied than they are to target a home that seems vacant. If you use timers on your lights and you leave a car in the driveway, thieves will be more likely assume that someone is there.

Don’t let mail and packages pile up in your absence

There are two dangers associated with letting mail and boxes pile up on your porch.

First, you’ll become a target for mail and package thieves. Second, you’ll be advertising to would-be-wrongdoers that you’re traveling, and the latter can make your home vulnerable to a break-in. If you forgot to have the post office hold your mail, or you forgot that you have one or more packages that are scheduled to arrive in your absence, ask a friend or neighbor if they can stop by your home to collect what’s been dropped off.

Consider a home security system

Statistics show that a home that has a security system is 300 times less likely to be broken into than one that doesn’t. Regardless as to whether you use cameras or an advanced wireless system, a protected home is less likely to be targeted.

Don’t forget to lock windows and doors

Remember to close and lock ground-floor windows and doors. You’ll also want to make sure that the windows and doors to your garage are locked, too. No one wants to arrive home to find that surfboards, power tools and other garage items have been stolen.

Last words

Most of the things you can do to prevent your home from being burglarized involve simple common sense. If you’d like an extra layer of protection, you may want to consider hiring a local home watch professional to provide additional help.

This is where Gulf Shore Home Watch comes in.

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