Things Criminals Consider Before They Target a House

Things Criminals Consider Before They Target a House

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Going on vacation is great. Coming home to find your home has been broken into is not. If you’re planning on heading out of town for a week or two this summer, there are several things you can do to minimize your chance of being targeted.

Lock your doors and windows

A news station recently interviewed more than five dozen inmates who were jailed on burglary charges. One of the top things they look for, the article notes, is unlocked doors and windows. If you have a side garage door, or a door that faces the back of your house, these would be popular targets. In addition to being able to enter your home unseen, not needing to pick a lock makes the door an easy entryway.

Be careful where you keep your valuables

If you have an in-home safe, this is where you’ll want to stash your valuables and your firearms—especially if you have a car that has an NRA bumper sticker. One inmate indicated that burglars tend to assume that if they see a car with an NRA bumper sticker sitting in the driveway, this is often a sign that there are one or more firearms inside the residence.

Consider a video doorbell system

Most of the inmates that were interviewed said they knocked on the front door before they’d decide to break in, and that in most cases, their preferred time to burglarize houses was in the mid-afternoon. During this time, they said, most people tend to be at work, and kids are often with friends, at the beach, or at summer camp. A video doorbell system serves two purposes. First, it may give the impression that someone is home, because the doorbell will alert your smartphone and you’ll be able to respond vocally, regardless as to where you are. Second, it provides recorded video surveillance that can be passed to the police if necessary.

Consider leaving the TV on

Nearly every inmate that was polled said that while interior lights aren’t necessarily a deterrent, they’d be unlikely to break into a home if they heard a television. This combined with indoor lights and a car in the driveway tends to indicate that someone is inside.

Hire a home watch service

Although it’s impossible to prevent all crime, hiring a home watch service can help prevent you from being targeted. In addition to ensuring mail and newspapers are cleared from your porch, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have someone keeping an eye on your home while you’re gone