The Storm-Proof Yard

The Storm-Proof Yard

Preparing for hurricane season – and even rainy season – in Florida can become quite the feat. There are many steps you should take throughout the year, and suddenly it will feel like June 1st is upon you. Where did the time go? Are you completely prepared? If you didn’t take steps to prepare your yard for storm season, you may not have. Here are a few easy steps you can take to keep your home and your neighborhood safe during storm season this year by storm-proofing your yard.

Trim your trees. Your yard probably looks fine to the naked eye. The trees are well-maintained and the grass is green. But, there’s probably a dead branch here and there, or a heavy limb of a tree that hangs a little too close to your home for comfort. Throughout the year, these are just eyesores. During hurricane season, they are dangerous projectiles that can cause major damage. Trim your trees. Not only is this good for the tree to be able to begin new growth, but it also saves your home from potential damage.

Trade gravel for mulch. Gravel launched into the air at 100mph and higher turns into miniature projectiles that cause serious damage. Mulch, while messy to clean up, causes zero damage and can help your plant life during potential drought. Trade that gravel for mulch before the season hits full swing in August and September. The sooner, the better.

Stake down newly-planted trees. Young trees don’t bode well against hurricane-force winds. Stake them down for the time being to help them grow, and if a storm comes then you need to put the stakes away so they don’t cause further damage.

Cut down damaged trees. Damaged trees cause further damage because they are no longer rooted to the ground. Once they’re ripped from their root, they become projectiles and cause damage. make sure to dispose of any damaged trees as soon as you’re able to prevent damage to your property.

Clean your gutters. Hurricanes generally bring lots of rain, which means your gutters will be doing their jobs in overdrive. make sure they’re clean beforehand. If not, then they could become overwhelmed and overflow into the roof, and even tear away from the roof of your home.

Don’t procrastinate. The sooner you can get all of this done, the better. If you’re waiting till the last moment, you’re causing more stress for both yourself and the companies working to make your neighborhoods safer. Make sure you’re prepared so that you can have peace of mind and lend a hand to others who may need it.

Ask a professional. Are your unsure of whether you can complete some of these tasks yourself, or are you physically unable? Give a professional a call and they can help you get your home prepared.