The Critical Features of a Home Security System

The Critical Features of a Home Security System

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The value in hiring a Fort Myers home watch service is security and peace of mind. You hire someone who will watch your home and make sure it is taken care of while you are away.

To add an additional layer of security and peace of mind, though, you can take steps to install a comprehensive security system for your home that will safeguard it while you are away at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to create a comprehensive security system that you can trust, here are the critical features:

Surveillance Cameras

You always want to have a watchful eye over your property. In this case, you need several watchful eyes to watch over your property, starting with the driveway. Have one camera positioned so it can clearly see anyone who pulls into your driveway or approaches your home from the street.

Next, have cameras cover the front entrance, the front exterior, the sides of the home, and the back of the home – including any back entrances. It is preferable to have one camera per entrance on your home. You want to be able to see intruders as they approach your home’s weak points (windows and doors) from every possible angle.

Alarm System

Your next line of defense is an alarm system.

Your alarm system should send a signal whenever an entry way is penetrated. This includes all windows and all doors. Be sure to cover second-floor windows as well, since many intruders will attempt to enter your home via those often-unprotected areas.

You can make it so that your alarm system can be activated or deactivated remotely, even from a long distance away. This gives trusted people and contractors access to your home while you are away without setting off the system.

Be sure to cover every entrance. This includes your garage doors, your lanai windows, and any other place that forms a barrier to the outside world that can be broken into.

Hire a Security Company

Your alarm system can be routed so that any alert of an intruder goes straight to the authorities, such as the police. You can also hire a security company to respond to any alarms and alert the proper authorities. This gives you 24/7 coverage of your home, no matter where you are.

A home watch service in Fort Myers is a great idea, but for the times when we are not on-site, your alarm system should be properly set up and activated to ensure the safety of your home. Set one up today and protect your home.