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Imagine you’ve just spent hours in transit from your primary home to your SWFL getaway. Although the airport wasn’t crowded, your direct flight and your first re-booked flight (which included a layover in Atlanta) were cancelled. Six extra hours later, you finally arrive in the sunshine state.

Your home is likely among your most valuable assets. Consequently, when you’re not around to watch it yourself, it’s good idea to have it checked in on. If you plan to leave town for a weekend, yes, you can ask your neighbors to drop in. But if you plan on traveling extensively (or you have a second home in another part of the country, you may want to hire a home watch service.

When you own a home in SWFL, there are few things that are scarier than learning that a hurricane is on the way. This is especially true if you’re only in Florida part-time. Hurricanes are known for causing lots and lots of damage. From ripping shingles...

This year’s hurricane season is supposed to be a doozy- and as we’ve said many times in the past, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Although most Southwest Floridians understand the importance of basic hurricane preparedness, such as having a “go-bag,” a planned exit route and making sure to have plenty of cash on hand, the thought to install impact windows isn’t often on that list.

As you likely already know, hurricane season lasts from June 1 through the end of November, and this year, the season kicked off somewhat early when Tropical Storm Arthur reared its head on May 15.  Tropical Storm Bertha showed up roughly 3 weeks later, and Tropical Storm Cristobal began to swirl on June 3.

A few weeks ago, there was a meme circulating, that read “2020- Written By Steven King, Directed by Quentin Tarantino.”  And considering that scientists are already warning Americans to brace for an above-average hurricane season, the sentiment of that meme feels truer than ever. Although there are many things that we cannot control, there are some things we can do to prepare for a possible catastrophic event in advance. Coming up with a hurricane preparedness plan is among them. 

At this point, it’s probably safe to say that everyone is still adjusting to the “new normal” brought on by the coronavirus. Going to the market now involves masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and a hospital-like sterile protocol. State and local governments are recommending people steer clear of non-essential travel. If you’re among the tens of thousands of Americans who sheltering in place in another state, you may be wondering how to

Ok. Before we get started, the team at Gulf Shore Home Watch and Concierge agrees that there is no need to rush the holiday season. We also agree that seeing Christmas decorations popping up in retail stores, in September, is entirely ridiculous. However- we also know a good deal when we see it. If you’re going a bit nuts because you feel like you’ve been locked in the house for months, you may have noticed that something quite interesting is happening on the Internet. If you haven’t been using your computer beyond Amazon Prime and grocery store take out, keep reading.