Southwest Florida Dodges a Hurricane-Sized Bullet

Southwest Florida Dodges a Hurricane-Sized Bullet

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As you definitely know, Hurricane Matthew hit Florida this past weekend, climbed up the coast, dumped rain and wind on Georgia and the Carolinas, then mercifully exited out to sea before dissipating in the Atlantic.

We were fortunate that the hurricane – a Category 4 by the time it made landfall halfway up Florida’s Atlantic Coast – didn’t change its trajectory and hit our neck of the woods. Some projections had it traveling more to the west early on in the storm’s life, but thankfully the hurricane went elsewhere.

Our thoughts are with those who suffered from the storm, not just in Florida but throughout the U.S. and particularly in Haiti. Damage estimates are still being calculated, but they’re estimated to exceed $5.2 billion.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season Moving Forward

Our neighbors in the state and elsewhere are recovering from Matthew, and it’ll take some time to get things back to normal.

Meanwhile, there’s another hurricane brewing in the Atlantic: Hurricane Nicole. Now a Category 3 hurricane, Nicole is projected to land a direct hit on Bermuda (or close to it) today. As far as we’re concerned, though, the storm should continue in a northeasterly direction away from the U.S.

Matthew and Nicole certainly won’t be the last storms to come our way. If nothing else approaches Florida this year, there’s always next year and the year after.

It’s time to make sure you’re fully prepared. Have your home made ready for hurricanes. Store up an emergency stash comprised of first aid materials, non-perishable food, bottled water, and other essentials. Know your evacuation routes, and know your nearby shelters if you can’t get out of town.

It’s not too late to get ready for hurricanes as the season intensifies. Consult with professionals and work with your home watch service to make all necessary arrangements.