Signs Thieves Look for When They’re Hunting for Vacant Homes

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Signs Thieves Look for When They’re Hunting for Vacant Homes

Savvy thieves know that it’s a lot easier to target a vacant home than it is to target one that’s occupied.

A lot of this relates to convenience—if the home is unattended, the thief is far less likely to get caught. It’s also far more likely that the break-in won’t be noticed until the homeowner returns to the property.

Suffice to say, vacant homes are prime-time targets. Yet it’s not just burglars that you need to worry about.

Squatters can be a problem, too.

Signs people look for

If someone walks up to a home and there are soccer nets in the driveway, sports equipment in the back yard and the porch is clear of debris, this is a telltale sign that there is an active family in the house.

On the other hand, if there is a pile of junk mail in the mail box or the front door is covered by a small collection of door hangers/ fliers, this is a pretty sure indication that no one has been at the house for weeks.

Having an overgrown yard is another sign that no one is around to look after the property.

How you can combat the “vacant home” look

If you’re able to have your outdoor lights set to times, or you’re able to hook them up to solar detectors that will turn them on and off at certain intervals, this will surely help.

Do you have a newspaper delivery service? You’ll want to call and suspend delivery until you’re back at the house to pick the paper up off your lawn.

If you’re heading out of town and you’re trying to decide whether to close the storm shutters “just because,” this is something we’d advise against. A home that’s fully shuttered for no good reason stands out as being vacant.

Warding off would-be wrongdoers

If you live out of state, a home watch service can help ensure your mail is picked up, your trash cans don’t sit by the curb for weeks and they can help prepare your home for a storm, should a storm be on the way.

They can help make sure your landscaping is maintained and they can inspect the interior of your home for signs of a break-in.

They can also make sure your porch plants are watered (if you have them). When porch plants are cared for, would-be criminals will assume that someone is actively at the home.

For more information about how a home watch company can help your home from looking vacant, call Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge today at 239-289-7294 to learn more.