General Home Inspection

  • Check exteriors for general security purposes and damage control
  • Check all doors, windows and sliders to ensure they are
    ablocked and secure
  • Check kitchen appliances for normal operation
  • Run faucets and flush toilets to eliminate stagnant water from lines
  • Check A/C for proper temperature
  • Check lights and timers
  • Remove newspapers, flyers, phone books and other evidence
    abof non-occupancy
  • Ensure pool and lawn maintenance agreements are fulfilled

Concierge Services

  • Schedule repair/installation appointments for home maintenance
    abutilizing a directory of reputable sub-contractors
  • Meet with sub-contractors at your home
  • Secure gate entry access for all deliveries and home services
  • Furniture/Appliance delivery acceptance
  • Light grocery shopping
  • Hurricane preparation
  • Carry out garbage to curb and back
  • Start vehicle engines

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