Securing Your Detached Garage

Securing Your Detached Garage

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What do you store in your garage aside from your car… lawn equipment, tools, and other belongings? While you likely have security measures in place for your home, you may not have given as much thought to the security of your garage, especially if it is a detached garage. Taking a few extra steps could keep your belongings safe and deter potential intruders.

Data indicates that the fourth most common entryway for burglars is through a garage, particularly a detached garage. Here are a few precautions to take in keeping your garage safe:

Secure windows and doors: Detached garages may be tempting to potential intruders, because of the simple fact that they are detached and appear to be an easy target. Garage windows may provide thieves with a view of your belongings, so simply covering the windows and/or further protecting the garage by installing bars over the windows could be a solution. In addition, reinforcing the garage door and doorjamb, as well as installing deadbolt locks, and installing motion-activated lights outside the garage could serve as successful deterrents.

Additional security for automatic garage doors: It may be a common thought that an automatic garage door is secure enough to deter an intruder, but it is possible for someone to gain access through an automatic garage door. In fact, an intruder could gain access through an automatic garage door by accessing the door’s manual emergency override. Industry experts suggest screwing a wooden board above the garage door to prevent a potential intruder from being able to reach the emergency release with any type of tool. There are also smartphone apps, which can deliver alerts when the overhead door is opened and apps that allow you to use your phone to close the door.

Other ways to keep your door safe from potential intruders is to keep any garage door opener in your car securely locked so that it cannot be stolen from your car and ensuring that the door completely closes when you are leaving your home.