Welcome to Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge

Gulf Shore Home Watch and Concierge is a home service management company committed to the care and security of your home. Whether you are a seasonal resident, absentee owner, extended vacationer or on an extended business trip, we provide professional home watch and home monitoring services in your absence. Gulf Shore Home Watch and Concierge will give you a Peace of Mind knowing that your home is fully cared for while your away.

Gulf Shore Home Watch is the perfect complement to you home owners insurance, since it is intended to detect and facilitate small repair problems before they become big ones. Most home insurance policies do not cover homes that are empty for over 30 days. Even if they do, premiums can become very pricey. Most insurance companies support the additional asset protection that a home watch professional adds rather than leaving the home empty and at risk. It is estimated that about 30% of seasonal homes have something happen during the summer months. Insect infestation, inclement weather, burglary, water leaks, mold or electrical problems may surface and be undetected if your home is not properly managed. Let Gulf Shore Home Watch help you to avoid having to file any unnecessary insurance claims.

Home Watch services are not regulated by the state as are other licensed professionals who perform work in and around your home. In home watch industry, there are no requirements for obtaining a license or insurance to operate the business to protect your assets. Gulf Shore Home Watch is completely licensed and insured in both Lee and Collier County to assist in monitoring the security of your home.

We strive for more than safety and asset protection, we build relationships with each of our valued customers, paying attention to the details that matter most to you. From interior and exterior home inspections, Gulf Shore Home Watch and Concierge is passionate about your Peace of Mind.

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