Safety Tips for Those Who Live Alone

Safety Tips for Those Who Live Alone


According to statistics, more people than ever before are living alone. Reports indicate that in 2016, there were close to 36 million Americans living in single-person households – that is 6 million more than was recorded for 2006. Living alone equals a feeling of complete freedom for some, but it also means the person is solely responsible for the home’s security and their own personal safety.

Here are a few tips to help keep your single-person household as safe as possible:

  1. Have a security camera installed or install it yourself if you know how to do it properly. There is no better way to have another set of eyes watching out for your and your property than a home security camera. Security cameras help to deter burglars and they also give you an opportunity to see what is going on in and around your home when you are not there. There are security cameras on the market for virtually every budget and if it’s part of a monitored system then it’s like having your own security staff on duty at all times.
  2. Install motion sensor lighting outside of your home. This is another great way to scare off burglars and they provide you with extra safety when you are walking around your property at night.
  3. Be familiar with your neighbors, so you can identify people and vehicles that don’t belong and better determine if there is suspicious activity in your neighborhood.
  4. Purchase a smart doorbell, which come with live video streaming, remote viewing apps, and two-way communication that allows you to see and talk to whoever who is at your door without having to go to the door.

Other suggestions to keep yourself and your home safe:

  • Get a dog
  • Buy smart locks for your doors
  • Remember to always secure your garage
  • Consider having an alarm system installed
  • Pay attention to our landscaping and any place that may be easy to hide for a burglar, as well as trees and bushes that may block the sight lines to your home.