Reasons Burglars Decide to Target Homes

Reasons Burglars Decide to Target Homes

If you own a vacation home in SWFL, it’s important to keep your home protected when you’re out of town. For this post, we wanted to talk about some of the things that would-be burglars look for when they’re choosing which homes to target.

Easy access

Burglars tend to surveil properties in a given neighborhood to determine which ones can be accessed easily. For example, if they have a choice between breaking into a home that looks lived in, as opposed to one that seems vacant, they’ll choose the latter.

Burglars tend to keep tabs on who is coming and going, along with when residents are coming and going. Homes that have overgrown landscaping and piles of junk mail on the porch tend to be prime targets.

Unlocked doors and windows pose a problem

Packing up and heading to the airport can feel like a whirlwind, and it’s not unusual for homeowners to forget to lock doors and windows. If your home isn’t secure, this puts your belongings at risk. In the past, we’ve known of homes that have had their garages raided, because garage doors were left unlocked.

They pay attention to social media posts

If you’re social media accounts aren’t on lockdown (aka, they’re available for anyone to view), this can also put you at risk. If you’re posting photos that indicate you’re out of town (or that you’ll be at your second home for an extended period of time), this is a prime indicator that you won’t be in SWFL for a period if time.  If you’re posting on Facebook or Instagram, be sure that your posts aren’t available for the entire world to see.

They look for motion lighting

The main goal of a burglar is to not get caught. Motion lights are a fantastic deterrent. If you don’t already have this type of lighting installed at your home, you may want to speak with someone about having a system put in.

They check standard places for spare keys

If you’re in the habit of leaving a spare key under your doormat, you’ll want to change this practice. Again, for a burglar, it’s all about ease of entry. Don’t make things easier for them.

Home protection when you’re not here

If you need help looking after a second home or vacation home in SWFL, call Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge today to speak with a licensed home watch professional you can trust.