Read This if You Have a Home Safe

Read This if You Have a Home Safe

Lots of people have a safe in their home. However, just because you have a safe, that doesn’t automatically mean what’s inside of it can’t be damaged or stolen. For this blog, we wanted to discuss some of the ways you can keep your belongings secure.

Bolt it down

Regardless as to whether you own a small, hotel room-sized safe or a big, clunky, heavy one, you’ll want to bolt it down. Small safes can be plucked easily from a closet, and while bigger ones are harder to move, stealing them isn’t impossible.

Yes, getting your items out of the safe may not be the easiest task, but if you want to keep those items safe from burglars, take steps to ensure your safe can’t be stolen.

Consider fireproof / water resistant document bags

If your home is in a flood zone, and your safe winds up underwater, what’s inside your safe might be subject to water damage. If your home catches on fire, your belongings could suffer water and/or smoke damage. The best way to prevent this is to store your items in a fireproof / water resistant document bag.

There are lots of options available for purchase online—many of which are priced as low as $8.99.

Don’t make it easy to find

If you have (or plan to buy) a small safe, install it in a place where it won’t be easy to find. For example- bedroom closets are usually the first places thieves look. Linen / coat closets may be a better bet. Lastly, if you’re considering installing a wall safe- these are typically a good option (especially if you need to secure one or more firearms).

Sidebar: Consider storing your purses

Although the theme of this blog is to how to keep what’s in your safe secure, as an aside, we wanted to note that if you’re not securing your expensive purses, you might want to consider it. For example, if you own one or more Louis Vuitton bags, these are high-ticket items that burglars will be interested in. The best way to keep expensive purses, totes, and backpacks safe, is to store them in a safe.