Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Watch Service

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Watch Service

So you’ve finally bought your seasonal home in Southwest Florida. Congratulations, and welcome to the neighborhood! The only problem is that you’re only in town around 6 months of the year. A lot of people wonder what they’re going to do with their homes when they’re not in town. One of the best decisions you can make is to hire a reputable, professional Home Watch company. But where to start? Try asking some of these questions to narrow down your hiring process.

Do you have a home watch license and also insurance?

This is an important question to ask. The company you hire to service your home should have a proper license and insurance coverage in case of any mishaps.

Will I know who’s coming to my house?

Your home is your sanctuary. Ask the company you’re interviewing if you can meet and keep contact with the person who’s handling your client file. This person will be watching over your home while you’re gone, so it could be good for you to have a connection with them. You may want them to keep you updated while you’re out of town, including any reports about your home and breakdowns of their visits.

How do you handle emergent issues in the home?

If you’re gone for half of the year, something could very easily happen to your home. Ask your home watch team how they handle emergencies such as appliance breaks, air conditioning issues, and roof leaks. This is also important to know because the months you’re out of town could end up being hurricane season in Florida. If something happens to your home, it’s good to know as soon as possible. Let them know how you would like these types of issues to be handled as well; most services will work with their clients on their needs and wants.

How much do you charge?

So this is the big question that most people save for last. That’s totally okay. The pricing of one company could set them totally apart from all the others you speak with. Home watch services are generally priced per weekly visit you’re gone. They can range anywhere from $25 per visit to upwards of $100 per visit. So what’s fair? This is the part where you decide to compare each company, their policies, and exactly how their processes work. Decide how much you can budget and move forward from there. You also need to ask about additional charges that aren’t included in your typical services, including emergencies and appliance replacements.