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Preventing Home Burglary

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Burglars are predictably unpredictable, but there are a great number of ways you can proactively protect yourself. Below you’ll find a variety of suggestions to assist in anti-burglary defense.

  • Start a Neighborhood Watch System
    A neighborhood watch system is a surveillance group that is formed and run by residents of a particular neighborhood whose goal is to stop crime in a particular neighborhood. This resident-run system works to effectively keep the residents in a community working together and communicating with regard to possible issues such as homelessness, new homes being built in the neighborhood, and the overall safety of the residents in the neighborhood. Generally speaking, having this larger attention on the safety of the neighborhood translates into a reduced number of opportunities for burglars to break into homes or steal anything in the neighborhood, even if it is not inside the home.
  • Invest in a Security System and Cameras
    You can offer yourself some peace of mind with a home security system. Your options vary from indoor or outdoor security cameras (without monitoring services) to well-reviewed security systems.
  • Keep Private Information off of Social Media
    Vacation is exciting, but it is important to not announce your absence from your home on social media—you never know who is watching and plotting. Posts like this only expose you and your personal property.
  • Make Your House Look Lived In
    When you’re out of town, put a hold on your mail or have a neighbor or friend pick it up so it doesn’t sit there in a pile. Put your lights on a timer, or ask your neighbors to intermittently park in your driveway to make it look like someone is living there or at least visiting often.
  • Get a Smart Lock
    If you have kids, lose your keys frequently, or want to automate your home, investing in a smart lock or deadbolt could be very helpful. Some smart locks allow you to lock or unlock the door from your smartphone, which is extremely convenient for those who are very busy or tend to forget things at times.
  • Don’t Open the Door Without Looking to See Who it is and Making Sure You Know Them.
    Don’t feel obligated to answer the door—especially if you don’t know the person. If you prefer to screen your visitors like you screen phone calls, maybe invest in a smart doorbell.
  • Rely on a Dog
    Regardless of how cute your dog is, dogs do cause thieves to think twice—a thief will hesitate to enter a home and possibly be bitten. If you don’t have a dog, pick up a “Beware of Dog” sign to hang in your front window or porch.
  • Use Privacy Film
    Line windows with privacy film to make it more difficult for anyone to see inside of your windows. Privacy film keeps people from seeing your valuables, yet still lets natural light seep through.
  • Close Your Blinds
    Late afternoon light is wonderful, but leaving your blinds raised opens up your home to passersby and therefore thieves, so close them to prevent prying eyes from looking in.
  • Use Smart Bulbs and Motion Sensitive Lights
    Burglars want to fly under the radar, and smart bulbs or motion sensitive lights prevent that from happening. Smart bulbs can be controlled from a home security smart hub too.
  • Always Lock Your Doors and Windows
    An unlocked door is an open invitation. Added protection can be provided by adding motion sensors to windows and doors.
  • Beware of Oversharing
    Be cognizant of who you invite into your home and how much information you share with that person. A handy man or landscaper may share your private information with others or they may in fact be scoping your place themselves.
  • Get a New Hiding Spot
    Be creative in hiding valuables within your home. Keep things in a less obvious place or buy a safe.
  • Hire a Home Watch service to have professionals keep an eye on your home while you are away and ensure your home is safe.

While there’s no surefire way to prevent burglars from watching your home, remaining vigilant and aware and taking precautionary measures will help protect your home and family in the long run. So whether you choose a dog, motion sensitive lights, or a professionally monitored home security service, trust that you’ve made the effort to protect your home from burglary. Home watch services added an extra layer of protection that other home security measures cannot, so if you are looking to leave for extended periods of time, seriously consider the peace of mind that home watch services will provide.


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