Preparing Your Home for an Incoming Hurricane

Preparing Your Home for an Incoming Hurricane

Hurricane season is almost here. Within just a few days, the hurricane season will officially begin. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a hurricane is headed our way – we’ve been pretty lucky over the past decade – but you never know what will happen.

The best course of action is to prepare yourself and your home for the season, just in case.

What steps can you take to prepare your home for an incoming hurricane (ideally before one forms)?

Install Hurricane Shutters

Since much of the damage caused by hurricanes comes from wind and water infiltrating a home through broken windows, it makes sense to protect your windows.

One thing you can do is install hurricane shutters. Most new homes built today come with shutters, but many older homes don’t have them. (Even some newer homes lack shutters.) This is a mistake. Shutters are a good investment that can protect the inside of your home from strong storms and hurricane-borne debris.

Consider Impact Windows and Doors

Shutters are the first line of defense against a storm, but they’re not impenetrable. The next line of defense is installing impact windows and doors that are specially made to withstand brute force.

They can resist strong winds and damage from airborne debris. Plus, they double as being excellent against burglars, since they are almost impossible to break through via conventional means (like someone trying to break into your home through a window or door).

Tend to Your Yard

Before a storm comes, get rid of all dead or nearly-dead limbs hanging from trees or in your yard. These can turn into missiles. Also, secure trash cans, because they, too, can become airborne. In fact, secure anything in your yard that can be caught by hurricane-force winds and slam into your home. If it’s not securely fastened to the ground or anchored to something else – in a way that won’t be disrupted by hurricane-force winds – then it should be removed or stored.

A home watch service can help you do all of these things, even when you’re not here. Contact us for more information on how to use a home watch service to care for your home before the storms get here.