Other Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

Other Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

Other Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

In our last blog post, we talked about several things that burglars don’t want you to know, such as how they prefer to target homes that have unlocked doors and windows, and that when they “case” potential target properties, they go out of their way to blend in.

For this post, we wanted to expand on our previous list.

They check under your mattress

Hiding valuables under your mattress isn’t going to keep them safe. In fact, checking under the mattress is one of the first things that an experienced burglar will do.

If you’re wanting to find a more secure hiding space,  consider putting valuables in sealed containers inside a tub of cat litter, placing emergency cash in an envelope that’s taped to the underside or back side of a drawer, or in a secure hiding spot in your kids’ rooms. Burglars almost never waste their time going through a toddler’s closet.

home watch serviceVases aren’t a great hiding spot

Do you have one or more ceramic vases in your home? Chances are that thieves are going to search it. If you do have vases throughout your home (and you’re prone to using them to hide things) put something additional inside them (ie: flowers.)

Your belongings aren’t safe inside of a suitcase

Fun fact: People who don’t own a safe tend to store valuable items in their luggage. Criminals are well aware of this- and if you have one or more pieces of luggage stashed inside your closets, they’re likely to be searched.

They may have been in your home before

A few years ago, we spoke with a family that had their garage broken into on Christmas Day when they were home. The thieves gained entry through an unlocked garage door, and they made off with skis, snowboards, a wakeboard and lots of expensive tools.

When the crime was reported to the police the homeowners mentioned they had contractors at the house a few weeks before. In addition to having all of the floors replaced, another set of workers was hired to re-do the master bathroom. Although the police couldn’t prove it, the it, they suspected the culprit was one of those workers.

Lights and sounds are a great deterrent

If the lights and the TV are on, thieves will likely assume you’re home. If you’re reluctant to leave your electronics on while you’re traveling, you can purchase a device (such as this one offered by Fake-TV) that works on a timer.