Only Use Home Watch Specialists for Your Home

Only Use Home Watch Specialists for Your Home

These days, many homeowners have realized just how important a home watch service can be for homeowners, both those who stay year round and those who have vacation homes.

Home watch services are so important that even Realtors, builders, and other professionals are starting to offer them.

But should you trust in non-home watch specialists to watch over your home? Or, should you hire someone who specializes only in home watch services to be a watchful guardian?

To answer this question, let’s pretend that we, as a home watch service in Southwest Florida, offered to build a home for you, or add a room to your home, or build a lanai in your back yard. Would you trust us? After all, we’re not home builders by trade, and to be honest, we’re sure we wouldn’t do a very good job of constructing anything for you.

Or, let’s say you’re trying to sell your home. Would you trust us to be your Realtor? Probably not – you’d naturally want an actual Realtor to help.

Let’s flip these examples on their head and look at it the other way, from the perspective of home watch. Would you want a Realtor or a home builder to be in charge of supervising your home, coordinating with contractors, ensuring security, and doing other essential tasks while you’re away?

Probably not – because they’re not specialists in that field.

And yet, more and more professionals and contractors are offering home watch services.

We think it’s obvious that you should hire a specialist for everything that concerns your home. Your home is probably your most valuable asset. You should only allow professionals who are experienced in their chosen fields to have anything to do with your home.

And home watch services are no different.

The next time you need someone to safeguard your home, hire an expert – not someone who does it on the side.