Naples Woman Makes Herself at Home – in the Wrong House

Naples Woman Makes Herself at Home – in the Wrong House

If you think leaving your home by itself is fine because nothing could ever happen to it, think again – one homeowner in Naples no longer believes that!

Earlier this year, police reported that a woman broke into a Naples home that was vacant and set up shop in the home. The home was vacant because the owners went back to New York for the summer, as is commonplace in Naples.

A neighbor who had been watching the home for the owners saw that the garage door was open and the car that was in there was nowhere to be seen. She called the police, who came to the home to investigate.

Inside, they found empty wine glasses, tobacco products, and clothing strewn around the home. They also found children’s books and coloring books throughout the home. The neighbor told the cops that none of those items were there the week before when she last visited.

Strangely enough, while the cops were there, the intruder came back to the home in the stolen car and walked up the walkway! When asked by the police who she was, the intruder said she was hired to watch homes during the summer for homeowners.

After flubbing a few lies, the intruder finally asked for a lawyer and was arrested. She was taken to jail on a $10,000 bond.

This story goes to show how people will take advantage of homeowners and their vacant homes, just because they’re not there! It also shows the value of having a home watch service in Fort Myers watch over your home. If it weren’t for the neighbor, who knows how long this would’ve went on!

Keep your home safe by having someone watch over it!