Live Alone? Be Sure to Follow These Key Safety Tips

Live Alone? Be Sure to Follow These Key Safety Tips

Millions of people reside alone. In 2019, Statista found that nearly 36.5 million US residents were living in single-person households. In some cases, this is not surprising. Living alone has its benefits. For example, do you want to run the vacuum at 2am? No problem. Do you want to spend the day lounging in your underwear, or eat ice cream straight from the container? Also- not a problem.

Yet people who do live sans partner (or sans roommate) will want to make sure they are keeping themselves (and their home) as safe as possible. Below are just a few of the tips single-person households can use to keep themselves secure.

Buy smart plugs

A client recently told us about a gift she had been given for her birthday. The gift, she said, was a wi-fi controlled smart plug, that allows her to turn her living room light on (or off) from her smart phone. “I absolutely love this,” she said. “First, it is great in case I am running late, because it lets me turn a light on for the dog. Second, being able to turn the light on, remotely, makes my home look as if someone’s there.”

Since burglars are opportunists, they are far less likely to target homes they think are occupied.

Consider motion lights

When people break into homes, the goal is to not get caught. Suffice to say, if an aspiring wrongdoer gets hit in the face with some flood lighting, they are likely to run for the hills. Law enforcement officials agree that motion lights are a great way to deter criminals.

Invest in cameras

A lot of people assume that installing security cameras will break the bank. This is not always the case. There are tons of highly rated, cost-friendly systems on the market (a simple Google search will point you in a few good directions.) You might also want to consider a video doorbell system. These easy-to-install devices connect to an app on your smart phone. When someone rings the doorbell, you will be alerted. Many of these devices also have a two-way speaker option- which allows you to talk to whoever is at your front door, regardless as to whether you’re in the backyard, at the farmer’s market, or lounging on the beach.

Lastly, if you plan on traveling, you may want to consider a home watch service. When you work with Gulf Shore Concierge & Home Watch, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your SWFL sanctuary is being looked after in your absence.