Keeping Your Home Safe During a Renovation

Keeping Your Home Safe During a Renovation

Are You Planning to Renovate in 2020? Check Out These Tips to Keep Your Belongings Safe

Now that 2020 has arrived, there are many people who may have big plans for the upcoming year. For some, that will mean starting a family or moving to a new home. For others, it may mean getting a jump start on some long overdue home renovation projects.

But if you’re planning on having contractors come to your home, you’ll want to take some precautions.

home watch serviceHire carefully

If a contractor has been going door-to-door in your neighborhood as a means of trying to drum up some business, that’s a company you’ll probably want to steer clear from. When you hire a home renovator, make sure they’re licensed, insured and bonded. When a company is bonded, the bond will
protect the homeowner’s property from theft by the contractor’s employees.  Be sure to ask any potential candidates about their license status, the type of insurance they carry and whether they’re bonded (and the types of protection this would provide you.)

Remove all items of value

If you need to move out while your renovations take place, be sure to take your valuables with you. You may also simply want to take everything that’s important to you out of the home.  Several years ago, we heard a story about a couple who needed to temporarily move out of their second home for a few months after it sustained major water damage. Their second house was located about an hour away, and since they kept clothes and day-to-day items at each property, they didn’t remove everything from property #1. Once the renovations were complete (and they moved back in), the wife learned that all her makeup had been stolen. Her husband, she said, was missing several expensive ties. The moral of this story is simple: if you’re moving out during a renovation, it’s best to take everything with you.

Change the locks once the work is done

This may sound a bit extreme but changing your locks can protect you from future theft. For example, another homeowner we spoke with had her garage broken into after her renovations were complete. Although they always kept the exterior door to their garage locked. it seemed whoever committed the theft had made themselves a spare key. They couldn’t be 100% positive that one of the contractor’s employees committed the crime, but all signs pointed to “yes.”

Do you have additional tips for keeping your items safe during a home renovation? If so, tell us in the comments!