Keep Your Home Safe

Keep Your Home Safe

When you leave your home every day for work of other activities, you lock the door. This makes you feel safe and secure because you’re preventing unwanted entry to your home. When you return, you probably lock the door behind you, and then you check doors and windows before you go to bed at night. But what other steps can you take to keep your home safe before considering installing a home security system?

Make sure all your windows and doors are closed and locked. It is very easy to leave a door or window partially opened, especially if you’re rushing to get out the door in the morning. Give yourself a little extra time every morning and evening to take a lap around your home or apartment. Make sure all of your windows and doors are closed and locked securely. Many times, this alone will repel burglars.

Conduct background checks on contractors. If you have a lot of privately contracted workers coming in and out of your home doing inspections, major cleanings, or remodeling, consider having a background check conducted. You could even ask the manager of the company if background checks are done on their employees before they’re allowed on homesites. This is not because you don’t trust other people, but because they are entering your home. You have valuables and personal items which you want to be able to trust them around.

Don’t accept unsolicited services. If someone just shows up at your door offering to come in and inspect your air conditioning or clean your dryer vent, play it safe and decline. Unfortunately, some solicitors use this opportunity to scale properties by checking security, snooping for personal items, and even checking for easy access entryways. It’s best to just ask for credentials and tell them you’ll contact them if you’re interested or need their services.

Get to know your neighbors. No one is a better resource for security than a watchful neighbor. Make sure you say hello and wave to everyone in your neighborhood, and make connections with those closest to you. If they see anything suspicious, like people snooping around your yard or cars they don’t recognize, they’ll tell you. Give them your phone number and ask for theirs. The more you all look out for each other, the safer the neighborhood will be for everyone.

Install outside lighting. Outside lighting makes burglars’ lives very difficult. Install some manual lights and some which are motion-activated. After you go to bed at night and the lights are out, even if an animal is approaching the house, the lights will turn on and the critter will be deterred.

Home security doesn’t need to be expensive, and it isn’t about being paranoid. It’s about having a realistic mindset and keeping alert. Make sure to take these simple steps toward keeping your home and neighborhood safe.