Improve Your Home with the Power of Neutral Colors

Improve Your Home with the Power of Neutral Colors

Want to give your home a timeless, sophisticated look that’s still in vogue with current interior design trends?

If so, go neutral – as in painting your interior rooms in neutral colors!

Neutral colors are in because they are timeless. They go well with virtually any décor scheme, and make it so that your walls are a backdrop, instead of the focal point of the room (which belongs to the furniture and décor and the people in it).

By neutrals, we don’t mean just plain old white or boring gray. There are actually many different neutral shades that create great backdrops for your rooms.

For example, instead of regular beige, think of something like Shale, from Benjamin Moore. This is neutral, of course, but it’s also well balanced and offers a nice foundation for virtually any design scheme. Plus, Shale fits right in with classic Floridian style and décor and is right at home in Southwest Florida.

If you want a gray color that resonates and looks sophisticated, you can try Montpelier Ashlar Gray from Valspar. It’s a soft, yet definitive gray color that represents a neoclassical look and feel. It’s a great look for a living room or even a kitchen to go with dark countertops and white cabinetry.

The possibilities are endless. Just focus on what kind of mood you’ll like to set with your furniture and décor, and then select a paint color for the walls that complement that scheme. This is preferable to just picking a wall color and then trying to make your theme fit the color you selected. That is much more frustrating.

Try neutrals if you want a nice touch to your home and want to create timeless elegance.