Impact Windows: What they Are and Why You Should Consider Them

Impact Windows: What they Are and Why You Should Consider Them

Impact Windows: What they Are and Why You Should Consider Them

Although there are many things that a home watch service can help with in your absence (ie: collecting and disposing of junk mail, receiving contractors and deliveries, and doing light food shopping in advance of your return,) there are still measures you’ll want to take to protect your home from mother nature.

In Southwest Florida, that means preparing your home for hurricane and/or gale force winds.

Enter impact windows

One of the biggest dangers homeowners face when a storm is about to hit relates to water and wind damage. For example, if your aluminum garage door gets hit by a projectile, and the door breaks, the contents of your garage are likely to be damaged.

The same holds true if one or more of your home’s windows break.

Although some homeowners prefer to install storm shutters, others prefer impact windows.

What they are

Impact windows are sometimes referred to as hurricane windows. They’re stronger than standard windows due to how the materials used to make them when they’re fabricated. Without going into the boring, technical details, the laminated glass is virtually unbreakable. On the unlikely chance it does break, there is a very good chance it won’t shatter.

What does this mean? Well, when a storm strikes, it means the windows can handle being struck by flying debris.

Yet there are other benefits associated with this type of install.

Other benefits of impact windows

Hurricane windows do more than protect your home from the effects of a storm. For example, impact windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency, which can lead to a cost savings on your heating and cooling bill.

And unlike storm shutters, they don’t need to be put up and taken down before (and after) each weather event.  Lastly, impact windows often provide increased UV protection (which can help mitigate sun damage to your furniture, artwork and interior paint), and they also add an extra layer of noise reduction.

How a home watch service can help

If you’re not currently in SWFL and you’re interested in learning more about how Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge can help keep your home safe in your absence, or you’d like to learn more about how we can be your point person, on the ground, if you decide to schedule an impact window install, call or email us today to get started.