How to Store Your Vehicle in Florida

How to Store Your Vehicle in Florida

We all want to protect our vehicles, but protecting them for long periods of time in storage in Florida is different than it is virtually anywhere else.

A combination of high humidity and high temperatures can do a number on your car, truck, or SUV if you store it in your home for months while you’re back at home. You need to know how to effectively store your vehicle in your garage so no harm comes to it.

Here are some tips for correctly placing your vehicle in storage in Florida.

Monitor and Control Garage Humidity

Most homes in Florida don’t come with air-conditioned garages, nor do they have humidity controllers. That means an excess of humidity can build up in a garage over time.

One solution is to purchase a dehumidifier for your garage. You can program it to turn on at certain times – typically from 12pm to 3pm each day – to control humidity. Just make sure to route the hose outside so water doesn’t collect in the garage itself.

Dealing with Dead Batteries

Homeowners often come back to Florida in season to find out that their car batteries are dead, thus requiring a jump or a charge.

One way to avoid this is to disconnect the battery while you’re gone. Doing this by hand can be irritating, so if you want to avoid that, you can just install a kill-switch. This will automatically disconnect the battery for you.

You can also install a battery maintainer to keep your battery levels sufficiently high. Note: don’t leave a battery charger on your battery for any long period of time. The maintainer is a much safer way to keep your battery fresh. They can be found at any local auto parts store and are easy to install.

Pre-Storage Maintenance

Before you store your vehicle, make sure to:

  • Clean it (bird droppings or other stains/debris can hurt the paint)
  • Change the oil
  • Avoid using the parking brake
  • Fill up the tank
  • Inflate your tires to their recommended pressure levels
  • Consider removing the tires and placing the car on blocks (for extra-long storage)

Doing all of this will ensure that your vehicle will be good to go for the long months while you’re away. Also, you can also have someone drive the car periodically while you’re gone. This keeps your tires from developing flat spots that can permanently damage the tire and require them to be replaced. A home watch service in Fort Myers can not only help with this ,but can help with vehicle storage in general and can even pre-inspect the car before you arrive for the season to make sure it’s ready for you.