How to Outsmart Potential Burglars

How to Outsmart Potential Burglars

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Real estate professionals aren’t the only ones who pay attention to curb appeal; burglars do as well. Your curb, yard and daily behaviors can give burglar information about what you have in your home. Here are a few things that burglars look for as signs in considering your home as a target:

Landscaping: Burglars like woody front yards and a lot of landscaping. It provides them with a good hiding spot and all the money and time that you are putting into your yard is an indicator that you invest money into other items.

Hiding spots: Burglars like to hide and any area that allows them this luxury is interesting to them, such as shrubbery around your home.

Windows: Potential thieves actually prefer the most basic form of spying, which is through the windows. Windows offer a view of what valuable things you have inside your home and it also allows them to look in and see whether you have an alarm system and dogs in the home.

Expensive toys, a buildup of mail in your mailbox, and having an exact pattern/schedule are other things burglars look to when deciding whether or not to burglarize your home.

Pay attention to whether you see odd vehicles or people in your neighborhood, whether you receive a random request or offer to do handy work in or around your home, and any subtle changes in or around your home that would indicate that your home is being watched by potential burglars.

Items burglars typically look for when burglarizing your home, include: identity-related information, liquor, home goods and decoration, cash, prescription drugs, jewelry, tech devices and electronics, firearms, and tools.

To prevent burglary to your home, invest in an alarm system, start a neighborhood watch system if one is not in place, keep quiet on social media when you are traveling for any period of time, get a smart lock, keep blinds closed, always lock doors and windows, and, if you are going to be away for any extended period of time, consider hiring a home watch service to keep an eye on your home and all of your beloved belongings.