How to Keep Your Home Safe from Being Targeted by Burglars

How to Keep Your Home Safe from Being Targeted by Burglars

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Statistics show that the 4 percent of homeowners that take no preventative measures in securing their homes account for close to 30 percent whose homes are burglarized. It only makes sense that the greater amount of security measures you take in protecting your home, the least likely it is that your home will the target of burglars.

Here are some tips in keeping your home safe from burglars:

Secure your windows – burglars look for windows that are unlocked or they will break the glass. Securing your windows with locks, double-glaze or double-pane, or stronger frames, will make it more difficult for a burglar to get in through your windows.

Secure your home when you are away – burglars target homes when the residents are on vacation and it is obvious that they are away. Signs that someone is not home include a pile of newspapers in the driveway, closed drapes and blinds, a yard that has not been maintained, and lights out in and around the home.   Install timers for lights, have your lawn mowed, do not close all of your blinds or drapes, and have someone you know or a hired home watch service remove newspapers and mail and check on your home periodically.

Install an alarm – Sometimes just a sign that you have an alarm is enough of a deterrent to keep burglars away. Having a visible security alarm is an even better deterrent that seems to becoming more and more popular. Make sure periodic tests are run on the alarm to ensure it is working properly.

Other things to do to keep your home safe from burglars include: keep your doors locked, do not hide keys under doormats or anywhere outside the house, keep your yard well lit, lock garage doors and storage sheds, keep valuable items like computers and other equipment away from windows and outside view, get a dog, do not invite strangers into your home, and install security cameras.