How to Handle Contractors for Your Vacation Home

How to Handle Contractors for Your Vacation Home

Every home needs contractors every now and then to step in and perform key tasks, like repairing a faulty A/C unit, fixing plumbing, or even cleaning the interior.

It can be stressful to have contractors in your home unsupervised while you’re away from your vacation home – but you have to have them over to get the job done. Otherwise, you could turn minor problems into major ones.

Still, no one really likes having outsiders over in their homes unsupervised. So, what should a homeowner do?

A survey from asked homeowners if they left workers in the house when they weren’t home. A whopping 82% said “No”, and only 18% said yes.

The magazine went on to interview an expert, who said that trusting a virtual stranger with total access to your home is incredibly risky. Contractors and their workers can unlatch windows, copy keys, or even steal possessions. Or, even if they’re personally trustworthy, they frequently subcontract the work out to someone who isn’t.

You should, at a minimum, secure all of your valuables when you leave and install a security system, preferably with security cameras.

Of course, there’s an even better solution: hire a home watch service in Fort Myers!

As a home watch professional, I supervise all contractor visits and make sure everything is done exactly as it should be. I also make sure contractors are on their best behavior, no matter if it’s one person or a team of workers.

Supervision is the best way to avoid bad results. Hiring a person to safeguard your home when you’re away is the smartest solution, which is why most homeowners with valuable homes prefer to hire home watch specialists – so they can rest easy when they’re away.

If you’re concerned about hiring contractors for your home, trust in a watch specialist who will keep guard.