How Do Burglars Choose Which Homes to Attack?

How Do Burglars Choose Which Homes to Attack?

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In theory, every home is vulnerable to burglary. And it can be frustrating for homeowners and law enforcement officers alike to try and predict events that seemingly happen at random.

But, burglary doesn’t just happen at random. Burglars are actually very methodical when it comes to selecting their targets. And as they know, the most vulnerable homes are homes in which no one is home.

If you have a vacation property down here in Southwest Florida, then you know all too well how often your home is vacant. That means it has a big red target on it that any burglar can see.

How, exactly, do burglars choose which homes to break into?

For starters, they look for vacant properties. The more experienced burglars watch homes over a period of weeks to see if anyone is ever home. When they never see someone coming and going, they mark that home as a target.

They also find out that people aren’t there by looking for tell-tale signs of absence, such as mail and newspapers piling up. Some have even taken to leaving flyers on the front door and seeing if it ever gets taken down.

Down here in Florida, there’s another surefire sign: storm damage that doesn’t get repaired or cleaned up. When we get hit with storms, often there’s debris that litters the property. A home may even get damaged. If these things aren’t taken care of, burglars know there’s no one home to take care of them.

If there aren’t any lights around the home at all – it’s completely dark at night, for example – that’s a definite sign no one is home. It’s also a sign that there probably isn’t a lot of security features in the home, since security lights are a staple of a well-protected home.

Finally, even something as simple as a lawn that has allowed to grow out a bit can be a red flag.

Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself by finding a home watch service to take care of your home. We pick up any mail or junk that gathers at your home, check on your property on a regular basis, make arrangements to have your home taken care of in terms of maintenance, pick up packages, and give your home the appearance that someone is watching over it – meaning it’s not a very good target.

We can’t guarantee that no one will ever burglarize your home, but we can guarantee that you have a much better chance keeping your property safe with us than without us.