How a Home Watch Service Can Save You Money

How a Home Watch Service Can Save You Money

Gulf Shore Home Watch & ConciergeIf you’re been weighing the pros and cons of hiring a home watch service, you may be wondering if you can cost justify the expense. What you may not realize, is that working with a home watch provider may help save you money.

They can help you address small problems right away

People don’t often appreciate how much damage water can do until they’re in the middle of a full-blown disaster cleanup. If you’re someone who only spends part of the year in your SWFL home, there are any number of things that could go wrong in your absence.

If your hot water heater springs a leak and the problem goes on for weeks (or months) on end, you could find yourself dealing with a series of expensive and time-consuming repairs.

When you work with a home watch service, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing an experienced, trusted professional will be looking after your home in your absence.

They can evict unwanted tenants

Even the tidiest and most diligent homeowners may find themselves dealing with a pest or insect problem. In a past blog post, we talked about how a squirrel infestation could wreak havoc on a household.

In addition to tearing up insulation, they can also cause a significant amount of damage to ductwork—not to mention the problems that arise due to urine and excrement. If the problem persists for an extended period of time, the damage can be significant.

It should also be noted that if these types of issues are not addressed promptly, your homeowners’ insurance carrier may reject your claim. Why? Because insurance companies are less inclined to cover damage that’s cumulative.

Home Watch experts in SWFL

Hiring a home watch service is about more than hiring a company that will clear junk mail from your porch and water your plants. It’s about working with a trusted partner that will look after your home when you’re not in town to do it yourself.

No one wants to return to SWFL from an extended period away, only to find their home has sustained water, insect or rodent damage. When you work with Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge you can rest easy in knowing your home is being monitored.

For more information on how SWFL home watch services work, our rates, or to schedule a free consultation with a local expert, call us today to get started.