How a Home Watch Service Can Protect Your Home from Alligators

How a Home Watch Service Can Protect Your Home from Alligators

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Anyone who owns a home in SWFL understands that any number of things could go wrong at their residence. Pipes break, faucets leak and in some cases, unwanted houseguests decide to show up and make themselves at home.

That’s exactly what happened in early April, when the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department was called to investigate a gator break in. It all started when the homeowner heard some weird commotion in the back yard. It seemed a bit strange at the time, because as far as he knew, no one was supposed to be in the back yard.

Upon further investigation, that’s when homeowner Rob Carver discovered the intruder. It wasn’t a burglar, transient or lost neighbor. Instead, he saw that an 11-foot alligator had decided to make itself at home in his swimming pool.

Carver told 7 News Miami that he initially thought he would be dealing with a two-legged intruder, or perhaps a bobcat. He never imagined that an alligator would be lounging outside the lanai.

Posts to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department show photos of the gator doing laps in the pool. A trapper had to be called in to remove the gator from Carver’s back yard.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that now that the weather is getting warmer, the states’ alligator population is becoming more active than ever- which means it’s plausible that this won’t be a one-of-a-kind incident.

So how can Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge help with something like this? If you’re planning on heading out of town this summer, it’s probably safe to say that you’d like for your home to be in the same condition when you return as it was when you left. No one wants to get back from a vacation to find that an alligator has decided to throw a one-man pool party.

We’re by no means suggesting this is about to be an epidemic, however, when you hire a home watch service, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is being cared for in your absence. Regardless as to whether you need someone to receive a delivery, make sure the trash cans are taken out to the curb on trash day, ensure your porch doesn’t get littered with junk mail or make sure you don’t have an alligator lounging in your pool when you get home, we’re happy to help.