How a Home Watch Service Can Protect you from Breakfast Burglars

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How a Home Watch Service Can Protect you from Breakfast Burglars

How a Home Watch Service Can Protect you from Breakfast Burglars

In September of this year, news outlets in Tampa reported an unusual crime. A burglar had broken into a home, but instead of rummaging for the homeowner’s valuables, he strolled into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and began to make breakfast.

In another incident, a Massachusetts family came home from an outing to find that an intruder had broken into and cleaned their house. In this case, the burglar scrubbed the toilets, the showers, made the beds and left origami shaped toilet paper roses in each bathroom.

If you’re wondering how a home watch service can help protect you from these types of strange incidents, read on.

Let us explain

Maintaining two households is a lot to handle. There are two sets of utility bills, two sets of contractors and multiple sets of doors, windows and garage doors that need to be secured.  If you’re running out the door to catch a plane (or you’re rushed to get on the road because you have a long drive ahead of you), there are times when you might miss something.

It happens to the best of us.

For example, one person we spoke with left for a two-week vacation with her husband. When they got home, they realized the AC had been running, at full blast, for more than two weeks. Leaving your central AC unit is bad, but in some cases, forgetting to lock doors (or secure windows) can be worse.

Another homeowner we spoke with told us about how he arrived back in Florida for the first time in two months, only to learn that all of the tools in his garage had been stolen. The burglar didn’t have to use force to enter his home, he said. The burglar gained entry through an unlocked side door to the garage.

How home watch can help

When you hire Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have eyes, ears and a set of hands on the ground. We’ll make sure your doors, windows and entryways are locked and secure, and we’ll notify you if something seems off or amiss

Your home is one of your most important assets, and our job is to protect it for you when you’re not in town to look after it yourself. For more information on our company, our rates or to learn about the types of services we offer, call us today to get started.