How a Home Watch Service Can Help Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

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How a Home Watch Service Can Help Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

If you’re among the tens of thousands of Americans who have a second home, or vacation home in Southwest Florida, you’re already well aware that hurricane season can often be brutal.

From downed trees to gale force winds, storms can do a lot of damage. But what will you do, if a storm strikes and your thousands of miles away? Will you be able to travel to the Sunshine State to check to see if your home has sustained damage? If yes, are you comfortable traveling by plane during a global pandemic?

The good news is that when you work with Gulf Shore Home Watch and Concierge, we’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your home is being looked after, and that you’ll be notified immediately if we spot any problems.

Hurricane prep

If a storm is on the way, or company can help store and/or secure your outdoor patio furniture.  Not only will this prevent your items from being blown away, it will help ensure that your tables, chairs and umbrellas don’t turn into flying projectiles.

We’ll close your storm shutters (if you have them), and if you don’t, we’ll help get your windows boarded up, before the bad weather arrives. When the storm passes, we’ll return to your home to check for damage. We’ll check the doors, window s and sliders, we’ll check to make sure your appliances are still working, and we’ll run the faucets and flush to toilets to eliminate stagnant water.

If we do determine there’s an issue, we’ll contact you immediately so you can start to develop a repair plan. We’ll come to your home to meet with the insurance adjuster and/or subcontractors and we can plan to be onsite if any deliveries need to be made.

Peace of mind when you need it most

Working with a home watch service means you won’t need to travel to SWFL to handle hurricane prep and/or damage assessment. It’s our job to do that for you. Not only will we do everything we can to help keep your home safe, we’ll treat your home as if it’s our own.

For more information on how home watch services work, or the benefits of hiring a home watch service to help keep an eye on your home during the upcoming hurricane season, call Gulf Shore Home Watch and concierge today to  learn more.