How a Home Watch Service Can Be Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

How a Home Watch Service Can Be Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

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In early-August, a man in Moon Lake, Florida got an alert on his smartphone. Homeowner Steve Ferguson had installed a security system, and the system was set up to notify him should something amiss be going on at his property.

In this case, a man who wasn’t supposed to be at the house, was trying to break into the house. Ferguson called the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and asked them to send a squad car before heading home.

When he got back to his home he arrived to a strange sight. First, he noticed a horse was trotting around his property. Second, he found the now-defendant, Lonnie Maddox, who proceeded to really a tall tale.

Maddox said he needed to break into Ferguson’s home to retrieve his horse. Yes, you read that correctly.

“My horse broke into your house, mister,” he said. “I had to go in to get her.” Ferguson told Bay News 9 he wasn’t buying it. “I said, OK, so she broke into the gate and then the porch and then the house?”

Maddox apparently didn’t realize the home was equipped with video surveillance cameras. Video footage showed him circling the home before going around back and smashing a window. Sheriff’s deputies didn’t buy the “following the horse” claim either. First, horses don’t break into houses and second, the horse belonged to a neighbor, not Maddox. The would-be intruder was arrested, and the horse was returned to its rightful owner.

If you’re planning on traveling this summer or you’re someone who is only at your SWLF for a few months out of the year, it’s important to have someone who can care for your home in your absence. In this case, had Ferguson been away for work (or on a family vacation), he may not have been able to do much. Contacting the sheriff’s department is one thing but having the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have eyes and ears on the ground is another.

When you work with a home watch service, you’ll be working with someone who will look after your home when you’re not able to do it yourself. If your security system notifies you that something is amiss, the home watch service can help you investigate.

In addition to helping be your eyes and ears on the ground, home watch services help make sure windows and doors are secure, that junk mail is cleared from the porch and that small problems (such as a newly leaky faucet) are addressed before they turn into big ones.

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